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Suarez Baby Shower: Milwaukee, WI

What a fun and exciting day it was, as I was asked to photograph the baby shower and gender reveal of Filippa and Luciano Suarez!

With homemade desserts and a room full of family and friends, the anticipation of Baby Suarez was celebrated with great joy!

Luciano and Filippa's Baby shower was also a Gender Reveal Surprise! No one knew the gender of Baby Suarez, although due to a gust of wind, the 'It's a Girl" balloon was torn away to the sky and the clouds, all while the "It's a Boy" balloon was safe and sound. It seemed it was a sign.

When it came time for Luciano and Filippa to open their "Top Secret" box, blue balloons filled the air giving merit to the sign from earlier. It's a Boy!

Take a look at the full collection here:

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