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Hello Little Alessio

Back in January, I had such a fun time when Luciano and Filippa invited me to document their Gender Reveal Baby Shower and now I have the honor of saying hello with warm smiles to little Alessio, their beautiful baby boy! Born March 12th - 21in, 7lbs 13oz. Alessio was a little fussy for our photo shoot, but was a trouper for the Camera and I think we got some keepers! It was important to both Luciano and Filippa to incorporate a beautifully hand-made rocking boat crafted by Filippa's father. Alessio fit so perfectly as he closed his eyes ever so briefly for us to capture a few shots of the wonderful keepsake. Luciano and Filippa are so happy celebrating their first child and what a beautiful family they are. The love they hold for each other and for their new little one is so precious.

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