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John + Shannon / Wedding / Green Bay, WI

Another wedding that I had the honor of working with Natalie Weber Photography on! It was a lot of fun meeting John and Shannon and learning about their love story. John and Shannon have been married for 10 years and have two adorable children! They had always planned on having a larger wedding celebration but the time wasn't quite right until this October 8th! Shannon and John exchanged vows at Pamperin Park in Green Bay. Their beautiful bouquets stood out against the bridesmaids' teal dresses in perfect autumn fashion. And the gentlemen looked their best in light grey. Again, I was blessed in hearing the pastor quote Col. 3:17 during the ceremony!

There was a brisk chill to the air, but all were great sports as we took photos after the ceremony, especially the little ones who were not one bit camera shy ;)

The Reception was lovely and filled with heart-felt speeches that both ignited laughter and brought upon tears. It was truly an honor to have met such a wonderful couple, family, congregation of people. I hope you enjoy the photos from the day!

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