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Jim + Sandra Engagement / Milwaukee, WI

Jim and Sandra are such a fun couple and we had a fantastic time touring around Milwaukee's East Side. We started off our adventure at the scene of the crime, where it all began. Jim and Sandra met at a party being hosted at a friend's house which Jim now owns. Upon meeting, they bonded over their love of bikes and traveling. So naturally our next stop was the Oak Leaf Trail for a bike ride. Jim and Sandra frequent the trail and still enjoy sharing their love of bicycles. During their ride (and my stroll along side them -haha) we talked about how Jim proposed in Paris while Sandra was on tour for the Military. We all exchanged smiles and laughed as they shared their traveling stories and their love of German feathered hats and beer. We took a little break for a picturesque picnic overlooking Lake Michigan with some yummy snacks and wine. And we concluded our adventure as the sun was setting on the Milwaukee River Greenway. It was such a pleasure sharing the afternoon with Jim and Sandra and I am so excited to photograph their upcoming wedding!

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