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Vincent + Korissa / Wedding / Door County, WI

Vincent and Korissa’s wedding at the Landmark Resort in Egg Harbor, WI was one I won’t soon forget! The weekend was absolutely gorgeous as we were blessed with amazing weather and the beauty that is Door County!

Vinny and Kori met not too long after college. Kori had moved for work and was told by a friend of hers that she should meet someone. Vinny’s friend also saw the potential and nudged him in Korissa’s direction. It’s safe to say, they instantly hit it off! 9 years full of adventures around the world, finding a new home in San Diego and pursuing their careers of inspiring young minds to pursue their passions later – they say I do and promise forever to one another.

Vinny and Korissa share a spirit and embody a joy and love for one another that is infectious! It’s easy to see they have impacted so many people’s lives simply by living and working passionately both individually and together as a team.

The day started out with Vinny and his choice gents getting ready, complete with laughs, toasts and of course tying those ties! Korissa and her girls opted for champagne, hugs, laughs and maybe even a tear or two as they powdered their noses and slipped into their gorgeous dresses!

The ceremony overlooked the lake with beautiful greenery immediately surrounding. The sun was brilliant, but it only complimented the smiles I saw from the new Mr. and Mrs. Zanrosso! As they exchanged vows you could see how excited they each were, especially as the ceremony was coming to an end and Vinny asked if he could kiss his bride yet. The pastor consented and friends and family celebrated with them as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

Family portraits followed and I must say what a good looking bunch! Both families were so lovely and kind both in spirit and merit. After family portraits, we hit the road and drove up to the picturesque little town of Ephraim, WI. We walked along the docks, grabbed some ice cream from the historic Wilson’s! and wrapped up the bride and groom portriats at Anderson Dock where Kori and Vinny painted their names on the famous Anderson Dock barn!

The reception was simply lovely! With the soft sunset light streaming in and the kind-hearted and emotional speeches from their close friends and family, the evening was simply perfect!

Kori and Vinny, what a blessing it was to be apart of such a special day for two amazing individuals and wonderful couple! I am beyond excited I was able to witness the beginning of your newest adventure! Thank you a thousand times for being so incredible! Your joy is contagious and I absolutely loved being surrounded by it on your wedding day! Cheers to you and I wish you all happiness and love!



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